Integrated Operations

Free up resources to drive your enterprise forward with FM technologies or a smart office.

About Integrated Operations

‘Integrated Operations’ is a flexible future-proof operational management system, which confers control over any portfolio from a single facility to territory-spanning clusters.

What are the benefits?  Command over your direction-of-travel in an uncertain world, supported by smooth cost-effective operations, with the ability to adapt effortlessly to dynamic circumstances.

How would it work?  A suite of Cloud modules for enabling seamless management of assets, workforce and suppliers, including enabling smart monitoring modules.

Easily configured, implemented and scaled, these leverage the best of what’s possible today, yet allow for continuous improvement.

Why choose KEY?  Our True FM know-how enables a solution tailored to your specific needs, from basic tools for simplifying asset management and planned preventative maintenance, through to a full smart office, building or city implementation.

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Next-Generation Operations for a Smart Office or Environment
Next generation operations image showing process of facility management for a smart office or building

Operational Efficiency

Become ISO 41001 compliant with help from those who led development of the standard.

Global Capability

Ensuring compliancy and consistent standards across emerging markets.

Facilities Management Solutions

Enabling control, cost-effectiveness, compliance and high-quality services.
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