Management Consultancy

KEY Facilities Management Consultancy: tailored next-generation audits for optimising offices and buildings.

About Management Consultancy

There is huge potential within any organisation to improve operational performance.

Designed to unlock that potential, our suite of audits and inspections integrate our True FM approach, 25+ years of experience, and a toolkit which includes leading-edge smart sensor diagnostics.

Underpinning all of our consultancy services is our proprietary ‘Triple A’ model (Assess / Advise / Action), outlined below. Triple A ensures a rigorous nuanced assessment tailored to the subtleties and big picture of your specific requirements.

Your deliverables are authoritative measurable recommendations for optimising operational performance, energy compliance and management, and workplace safety and productivity.

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‘Triple A’ model

Triple A Model facility management experience, IoT, smart technologies, operational efficiency, smart office

Facilities Healthcheck

Establish upfront the performance benefits of asset, energy and space optimisation.

Workplace Optimisation

Transforming office environments to protect and nurture your most precious assets.

Sustainability Leadership

Get compliant, and cut carbon and energy costs, without compromising service.

Facilities Management Solutions

Enabling control, cost-effectiveness, compliance and high-quality services.
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