Smart Diagnostics

Smart diagnostics: advanced tools for the assessment and analysis of building performance or issues.

About Smart Diagnostics

Smart Diagnostics is a suite of sophisticated and affordable sensors for refining audits, and the analysis of complex systems and building problems.

What are the benefits?  A living model of real-time environmental or asset conditions and performance over time.  The condensation of complex building data into simple presentations and practical solutions.

How would it work?  A smart sensor solution designed to deliver the information you need, adding value to our ‘Triple A’ consultancy services, or be used as a standalone toolkit for building analysis.

Why choose KEY?  Our specialism in Facilities Management consultancy, smart technologies, and big data analytics and interpretation means you get a solution.

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Smart Monitoring

Optimising energy, space and operational efficiency, and pre-empting disruption.

Smart Environments

Fully automated smart office, building and city environments.

Smart Technologies

Superior operational efficiency and audits with smart technologies for FM.

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