Smart Monitoring

Smart sensor monitoring: optimising energy, space and operational efficiency, and pre-empting disruption.

About Smart Monitoring

Smart Monitoring offers affordable smart sensor solutions for plugging gaps in legacy systems, retrofitting a management system for older buildings, or easily implementing a smart office or building.

What are the benefits?  A flexible, scalable system which enables a seamless move from reactive to condition-based maintenance, eliminating downtime, and enabling better resource allocation and energy management.

How would it work?  Our smart sensor toolkit can record any environmental or asset condition important to your primary activities, affording 24/7 visibility over operations, and alerting the moment exceptions or breakdowns occur.  Smart monitoring is available as an enhancement for an integrated operations solution, or as a standalone module.

Why choose KEY?  A smart sensor produces raw data (the ‘what’ and ‘when’), but for a tailored solution to deliver the right information for you (the ‘where’ ‘how’ and ‘why’), you need True FM specialism and the correct technology, installation and big data interpretation.

Smart Sensor Monitoring for Specialist Food Importer

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Smart Environments

Fully automated smart office, building and city environments.

Smart Technologies

Superior operational efficiency and audits with smart technologies for FM.

Smart Diagnostics

Advanced tools for the assessment and analysis of building performance or issues.

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