Information, Us and True FM

Never before have we had such a rapid change to our lives as the current period of human experience.  In 1970 Microsoft was an unknown term, Apple was a fruit, Amazon was our world’s largest river and Alphabet was on our primary school walls.   Fast forward to today and these terms are now synonymous with the biggest organisations on the planet and they are all in their own way responsible for this information revolution.

Our watches can monitor our hearts our Fridges can order groceries, we can talk to our lights and our pockets hold more powerful technology than first took us to the Moon, there is no doubt of the impact the information age has had on all our lives; and the places we spend our time in, our buildings, are no exception.

We now use Internet of Things (IoT), Digital Twins, Business Intelligence, Asset Controls and Artificial Intelligence, all playing a part in making our Buildings Smart.  But what is the smart way to transition from the past to the future without disrupting the present?  This is where True FM comes in.  Key FM has developed a fully encompassing FM and Workplace model to support any organisation/portfolio of any size to  begin, evolve or accelerate their journey toward a Smart building estate and position themselves toward the goal of the autonomous building (autonomous building is a building that operates varying degrees of its assets and functions autonomously without the need for intervention from the workforce around repetitive and administrative tasks).

The Big Question – Why? – For the CFO there will be numerous cost advantages from streamlining and systemising process as well as reducing elements like real estate needs due to knowledge of actual occupancy requirements from smart monitoring, resulting in a healthier bottom line, For the FM, this will all the administration of the built environment to be shifted allowing a more client orientated approach delivering more value-add to the stakeholder communities using our buildings. There will also be a much richer experience where the end user can have a 1:1 experience direct with the building and its workspaces and, for the CEO, what is not to like? Healthier, happier, more productive staff, improved finances, better facilities and workplaces and all-round enhanced experiences.

Although our True FM model allows us to assist in the Smart building journey, no matter the organisation or the current technologies in use, we have also applied our FM knowledge, along with our ever-growing FM technologies toolkit, to create Keystone (previous intro article). Over the next few months we will release more information in the run up to the launch of our product; however, with a select number of forward-thinking global clients already gaining insight and benefit from the platform, the digital transformation journey has already begun, and the roadmap is very exciting.

So, if you are a business or business leader looking for support on this journey or indeed looking for a new way to approach your FM tool kit and technology stack to either enhance, replace or begin in the technically integrated operating model then contact us and/or watch this space!!