CAFM: MENA Operations Centre

The Challenge

Under a multinational contract involving 5 countries across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), KEY assessed opportunities to optimise services with a computer-aided Facilities Management solution (CAFM).

We set ourselves 4 key project objectives:

  1. Enhancing customer engagement, participation and satisfaction.
  2. Empowering our Facilities Managers to ensure a totally compliant service.
  3. Affording greater business control for Senior Management.
  4. Designing a solution which was easy to use, implement, and adapt or extend in accordance with future priorities.

The Solution

While our Integrated Operations solution features CAFM characteristics at its core, it also incorporates so much more.  With the addition of KEY’s True FM thinking, we prefer to call it KAFM (KEY-aided Facilities Management).

KAFM consists of 3 main parts:

  • Help Desk: Enhancing customer experiences by enabling staff to raise, monitor and appraise their own work requests via a single port of call.
  • Operations Centre: Empowering our Facilities Managers by integrating their asset and work order management into a single portal and workstream.
  • Real-time Reporting: Supporting Senior Management by putting a central repository of real-time information at their fingertips.


Customer Work Requests in First Month (which is increasing as the system develops)

Centralised PPMs per Annum

Added "True FM" Value:

Customer Collaboration

The Help Desk ensures timely resolution to work requests and high quality Service Delivery.

Ongoing Optimisation

The Operations Centre allows for the continuous improvement of work order management, the customer experience, and the standardisation of approaches to issues.  In addition, it greatly assists in providing total contract compliance, and truly effective Facilities Management.

A Safer, Healthier Workplace

By virtualising corporate Health and Environmental Safety requirements the system ensures managers have real-time visibility of performance and compliance across the portfolio.

Confident Planning

With Real-Time Reporting, Senior Management can move from playing catch-up, to having instant access to information on their current assets and performance.

“I was genuinely astonished at how quickly the solution was mobilised and able to bring value to the client, at every level of their organisation.  The system is so simple to learn, use and adapt.  It gives me the control and confidence I need to deliver a superior service which continuously improves in terms of workplace efficiencies, cost savings and experiences”

MENA Programme Manager

MENA Saudi Arabia Facility Management

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