CAFM Reporting and Mobilisation

The Challenge

A company providing outsourcing services was struggling to mobilise a new CAFM reporting and management system system across multiple contracts.  CAFM stands for Computer-Aided Facilities Management.

Primary business drivers included attaining tighter control over asset management, and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to avoid costly penalties due to incomplete or late work records.

KEY was called in to facilitate the technical implementation of Phase 1.  Our objective was to mobilise several contracts within three months, including medical facilities and schools.

“In a short time, KEY have gained an understanding of a complex system and ecology of stakeholder objectives, and facilitated a turnaround in the project which has delivered value at all levels of the organisation”

Regional FM Director


The 6 steps we took to achieve our Phase 1 objectives were:

  1. Our first goal was to attain a rich 30,000ft view of the project, to clarify the scope, objectives and ensure the highest quality uploads.  Learning from scratch, we sought to understand the platform, users, processes and stakeholder perspectives.
  2. We provided contract coordinators with templates for harvesting the required asset data, who then worked with their teams on populating them.
  3. Once armed with accurate asset inventories, we created detailed planned preventative maintenance schedules (PPMs) and work instructions, driven by corporate requirements.
  4. We reviewed existing reports and worked out what information we would need from the system to produce them.  Next we developed spreadsheets and piloted management report templates.
  5. We organised a unified set of CAFM reporting requirements, including coding, analyses and user access rights, which enabled Directors to decide development priorities.
  6. Finally, we configured the CAFM reporting dashboard according to the specified development priorities.

Based on our Phase 1 performance, we were contracted subsequently to mobilise CAFM for all the client’s remaining contracts.


Asset types

Planned Preventative Maintenance Schedules

Instruction Sets

Added "True FM" Value:

Stakeholder Facilitation

Facilitating communications between cross-functional stakeholder groups with different needs and languages: operational, tactical, technical and strategic.

Translating Operations from the Real to the Virtual

Tailoring a process which enabled seamless data gathering and import required a deep understanding of the system design, and of stakeholder needs, practices and desired standards.

'Agile' Development

An efficient development approach which sought to deliver reporting features fast and in order of the value they would generate for client and customer.

Reporting Efficiency

Moving from deficient asset and SLA reports, often taking weeks to compile, to having accurate reports at the touch of a button.

Image of internal and external sensors employed in the smart energy audit
Image of internal and external sensors employed in the smart energy audit

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