London Facilities Show 2019 here we come!

Key FM is pleased to share details of CIO Gordon Mitchell’s upcoming seminar at the Facilities Show, London Excel. Key FM is looking forward to joining industry enthusiasts for 2 days of insights and knowledge sharing-opportunities from the 18th to 20th June.  

Blending FM Standards with Industrial Revolution 4.0 – The Adaptive Workplace 

Join Gordon as he takes you on a journey looking at the opportunities for FM presented by Industrial Revolution 4.0. He’ll give his predictions for developments in workplace culture and environment and highlight the role of technology in the future FM landscape. Industry-leading insight will be supported by concrete business case studies and examples underpinned by Gordon’s experience in the longest running FM company in the UK. 

KEY fm Facilities Show London 2019Facilities Show London 2019

Facilities Show London 2019

Date: Thursday 20th June  
Time: 14:45pm  
Location: Workplace Technology Theatre 
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ISO TC 267 Technology Task Group 

Gordon is chair of this new ISO Technology Task Group with a remit to build a working understanding of the implications of technology developments within the realm of FM. The group will build a framework of capabilities to facilitate a deeper understanding of how best to integrate everything from Artificial Intelligence and blockchain to robotics into facilities management. Ultimately providing clarity on how technology integrates with the many built environment tools and knowledge bases available on the market. 

Where social science meets the workplace 

Key FM is keen to ensure that people are at the heart of everything we do. With this focus in mind, solutions that Gordon will highlight in his seminar come back to a central question. Does this space support the overall aim of a happier and healthier workforce?  Key FM aims to work with suppliers that are in tune with this mission from both the UK and internationally. To find out more, make sure you join Gordon on Thursday.

Gordon will be available before or after his seminar to discuss implications for your business.  

Connect with Key FM today to help us ensure your FM solution is ahead of the technology curve. 

Key FM CIO leading light in ISO TC 267

Key FM is pleased to share the news that Gordon Mitchell has been selected to lead a new ISO/TC267 Technology Task Group (FMTTG) under the umbrella of the Advisory Group 1 (AG1) Road Map. 

ISO tech commitee

Next steps for ISO 41000 Image source: WWW.IFMA.ORG/FMJ

Industry peers understand technology is becoming increasingly important to facilities management. For many years Gordon has spearheaded industryleading thinking in this area, so he is the natural choice to bring his enthusiasm and passion for tech. to the process. He recognises the near incredible pace at which technology is evolving and is fully on board with the ISO resolve to invest more attention and resources to this topic as part of the AG1 Road Map.  

The remit of this FMTTG is to explore the issue of FM and technology and develop a road map and recommendations for a way forward to navigate this domain. Stakeholders are aware of the need to standardise the ways in which our industry approaches technology but at the same time are in tune with the challenges of standardising anything as fluid as technology in the current environment! 

A crack “task force”! 

The group of experts range from academics pioneering the thought leadership process through inspirational Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) to best-in-class technology experts in their respective fields. 

Direction St. Petersburg!  

The FMTTG kicked off in April and aims to report back in November 2019. Gordon will be at the EFMC in Dublin with the intention of delivering a straw-man proposal and validation of direction of work. In November 2019, in St. Petersburg the team will deliver their white paper, road map and, if applicable, new work item proposal. 

The FMTTG represents an exciting next step within the ISO 41000 series and yet again Key FM is proud to be at the heart of the developments it will bring to our industry.

Ensure you are the first to hear about developments in the FMTTG by following Key FM on LinkedIn. If you are interested in finding out more, connect with Gordon and Key FM today! 


Time to catch up in Dublin?

Both Stan and Gordon Mitchell, Key FM CEO and CIO respectively are looking forward to the upcoming Euro FM event in Dublin from the 13th – 14th of June. Stan and Gordon will rub shoulders with attendees from over 50 countries making EuroFM into one of the best places to network with peers from universities, research centres, professional organisations and corporations from all over the world. It is an open network for Facility Management – an annual reunion where stakeholders from five continents promote and shape the future of our profession.

Gordon Mitchell CIO Key FM

Gordon Mitchell CIO Key FM

This year the event will take an innovative concert-style approach at the AVIVA stadium central Atrium. All events will take place in the same space allowing attendees to maximise networking opportunities without missing out on the highlights of the programme. We’ve heard plenty of tasty food and drink will be on offer non-stop and of course a double expresso option for those of you that think lunch is for wimps! You’ll need to keep your strength up for two intense days with over 45 speakers… or at least in order to make it through to the cocktail party on Saturday! 

Key FM knows that the future of our industry lies in the solid academic training of tomorrow’s professionals, so we’re excited to hear that slots have been reserved at the workshops for students and there will be a prize for the most outstanding student at the awards ceremony on Friday afternoon.  

ISO Expertise on hand!

Stan and Gordon will be attending in their capacity as shapers of ISO policy (Stan leads ISO TC 267 for Facility Management and Gordon is spearheading a newly formed ISO Facility Management Technology Task Group.) They are looking forward to connecting with bloggers, podcasters, influencers and motivators from areas across the industry to share insight and expertise in an innovative and inspirational context. 

Feel free to connect with either Stan or Gordon over LinkedIn prior to the event with any questions or to meet up over an espresso or two! 



Key FM supporting World FM Day 2019

World FM Day on May 15th is a celebration and recognition of the facility management profession. It’s a time to bring the behind-the-scenes heroes of the built environment into the limelight and share well-deserved thanks for keeping our buildings healthy, safe and productive places to work.

Meet the Key FM team

Meet the Key FM team in Doune

Key FM is a family run facilities management consultancy, established in Scotland in 1990, we are the longest-running FM consultancy in the UK. This photo is taken outside our historic office in Doune, the original factory where the pistol that fired the first round of the American War of Independence was manufactured. Founded in 1646 by blacksmith Thomas Caddel, it produced astonishingly ornate engraved pistols made from melted-down horseshoe nails and Doune pistols became the gun of choice among kings and nobles. We are now proud to call this space our own and maintain the spirit of innovation and excellence in our field established here over 300 years ago.

In the spirit of shouting loud and proud about the contributions facility professionals like ours make to the built environment and to our world, we’re supporting the IFMA throughout World FM ​Week.

To get involved remember to sign up on the IFMA World FM Day page on May 13. The following features will be available for download on each day of World FM Week:

5 Days of Gratitude

May 13: Four Ways Technology Has Changed the Modern Workplace (article)

May 14: Five Practices That Improve the Business Impact of Research (benchmarking)

May 15: How Cisco Improved Their Triple Bottom Line by Updating Their Brand, Culture and Workspace (case study)

May 16: Work Space Etiquette (how to)

May 17: Making Sense of BIM for FM Managing for the Building Life Cycle (white paper​)


And of course, follow us throughout World FM Week to find out what we’re getting up to!

Are you keeping pace with rapid changes in the built environment?

Meeting of like minds – don’t miss their podcast!

The NFMT 2019 conference in Baltimore has just wound up. For those of you not lucky enough to attend or just too swept up in the event to digest the wealth of industry insights available to delegates, take 20 mins on your way home today to listen to this inciteful podcast from two FM leaders.

Stormy and Stan have been long-time pioneers in FM standardisation, collaboration, and communication, and they believe that customer service is key when creating an environment where people can thrive. Stormy Friday is President of The Friday Group, an internationally recognised woman-owned facilities management consulting firm that generates customised solutions and strategies for current business issues and challenges.

Hear digital workspace expert, Mike Petrusky as he chats to Stormy and Stan on how FM professionals can keep pace with the fast-changing world of the built environment where technology is having such a significant impact. They agree that we must all commit to being lifelong learners and continuing education at events like the NFMT 2019 Conference are essential. Stan and Stormy both played a role on the commission that helped to develop the ProFM, a training and credentialing program built to celebrate the diversity and growth in facilities management. With a focus on asset, risk, business management, and operations and maintenance, ProFM is designed to prepare FMs for the future workplace.

Stan and Stormy

FM Customer Service and The ProFM Credential Program, Source:

Want to hear more? Connect today with Stan and KeyFM on LinkedIn.



CEO of KEY Facilities Management International speaks in Baltimore

Stan Mitchell brought a touch of Scottish charm to Baltimore this week where he was a guest speaker at The National Facilities Management event (#NFMT), a flagship FM show.

NFMT Guest Speaker


Round table at The NFMT

This leading conference recognises the importance of learning from peers and experts about workplace trends, technology advances, budget planning, and better ways to communicate up and down the organisational chart. Attendees at NFMT events know that the conference brings together a unique mix of experienced people sharing valuable content. It prides itself on enabling industry players to take a deep dive into professional development and connect with peers and experts who can help them do their job well.

Thanks to Stan’s varied past and present roles, including national chair of BIFM (now IWFM), founding chair of Global FM and founding chair of ISO TC 267 Facility Management Committee, his informative presentation brought powerful industry insight to NFMT delegates.

Delegates at the show keen to delve further or those interested in finding out more should get in touch.