Environmental Health and Safety System

The Challenge

As a part of a first generation outsourcing exercise, a multinational sought to roll out the environmental health and safety (EHS) management system they used in developed countries, across 16 emerging markets.

Prior to this, responsibility for EHS had been at a local site level,where standards and protocols communicated as a part of EHS standardisation were frequently lost in translation due to an undeveloped EHS culture.

For example, our first site audits identified issues which included fire exits nailed shut by a landlord, candles on reception desks, and evacuation drills which were treated as a strolling and smoking break!

Key Facilities Management International Running an Environmental Health and Safety Toolbox Talks

“KEY have been able to deliver savings, higher service levels and engage more with our local management whilst having a zero-incident compliance record”

Executive Director

Facilities EMEA

The Solution

At the outset, we worked with the client to develop clear EHS objectives and framework. Based on our prior experience in emerging markets, we understood our scope was not limited to communicating policies and applying standards, but would also require strategies for dealing with the cultural barriers to implementation we knew we would face.

We then appointed an adept Specialist with excellent communication skills and a passion for EHS, to coordinate the agreed system for culture change across the portfolio.

Working closely with the EHS Specialist and the client’s own assigned EHS sponsors at each location, our Facilities Managers proceeded to implement a system for education and standardisation.

Our approach is to proactively encourage general participation in and ownership of this system.  Through the provision of a framework of expert support and resources, with open knowledge transfer on innovations and best practice, we build the competency and autonomy of local teams to ensure EHS compliance in-house.

Key Facilities Management International Running an Environmental Health and Safety Toolbox Talks

We take every opportunity to braid EHS into meetings and reports, to strengthen awareness, care and accountability for health and safety at each location and across the organisation as a whole.

Computer-aided FM technology has proved invaluable for managing and systematising EHS procedures, and has enabled Management to keep their finger-on-the-pulse of performance with real time reporting and feedback.


Attendance at Emergency Evacuation drills conducted at all sites


Increase in 'near miss' / first aid reporting due to improved EHS awareness

Serious accidents across sites in 19 locations

Hours lost on EHS incidents portfolio-wide

Added "True FM" Value:

Coordinating Culture Change

An EHS Specialist who sits between upper management and local teams, and maintains the collective focus on EHS improvement as being about saving lives, not just ticking boxes.

Weekly Walkabouts

A proactive spot check of every facility in the portfolio to detect, mitigate and prevent risk to stakeholders and ensure EHS considerations are always front-of-mind.  This is important because at some locations occupancy is shared with tenants who may not operate to KEY’s high safety standards.

Monthly 'Toolbox Talks'

Regular staff meetings focused on promoting shared awareness of, and responsibility for, EHS at a site level.

Key Facilities Management International Running an Environmental Health and Safety Toolbox Talks

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