Office Move: Mobilising a new HQ

The Challenge

An office move was required for a major multinational -a Middle Eastern headquarters (HQ). It was a busy time and therefore a requirement for minimal disruption.

The aspiration was that their new HQ would become a centre of excellence and research, inspiring and benchmarking superior performance for the whole organisation.

The Solution

Successfully mobilising the new HQ and demobilising the old, entailed a 6 stage process:


  1. Meeting with the Designers.  It was vital for us to gain a full appreciation of, and to influence, factors relevant to the new HQ’s performance at the inception.
  2. Change Management.  A series of meetings with office staff to understand and manage their expectations, and get everyone on the same page ahead of the move.
  3. Organising the Move.  Thinking through the physical move, and preparing for it in detail, was essential for ensuring everything would work like clockwork without any surprises.
  4. Planning Workplace Digitisation.  Designing, assembling and configuring a digital architecture to underpin the new centre of excellence and research.
  5. Execution.  A one-team approach, where we and the customers came together to orchestrate an effective move, according to our thorough project plan.

Days to fully clear and clean 3 floors

Archive boxes moved to secure storage

Boxes of documents transferrred to new site

Tons of paper and files shredded

Added "True FM" Value:

Collaborating on interior design

Applying FM know-how to ensure optimal flexibility, efficiency and staff experiences (and a sensational look-and-feel!).

Managing the customer experience

Talking and listening to staff helped them prepare for the move, and for it to be sensitive to their needs and perspectives.

Transitioning seamlessly

Through a detailed action plan and great teamwork, we delivered a smooth mobilisation of the new HQ, and handover of the old one to the landlord, on time and budget.

Workplace digitisation

The new HQ’s smart sensor network will enable a workplace which works together with its occupants as one system, managing its own real-time performance and productivity.

Pharmaceutical Transnational, image of exterior of the smart building from case study
Pharmaceutical Transnational, image of exterior of the smart building from case study
Pharmaceutical Transnational, image of exterior of the smart building from case study

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