Nucleus Archiving Facility

The Challenge

The Nucleus Archiving Facility is a 5000 sqm state-of-the-art new development which opened in Wick in February 2017.  In November 2017 it featured in a prestigious Scottish award for Quality in Planning.

Nucleus is designed to house the records of the UK nuclear industry, and the historical archives of the county of Caithness.  These are being relocated to Nucleus over several years from sites including Dounreay, Sellafield, Harwell and Trawsfynydd.  There they will be processed, digitised and stored, with many made available to industry and the public.

Nucleus will hold an estimated 20 kilometres of archives, up to 30 million digital records overall, including documents dating back to the 16th century.  They are stored in special environmental conditions designed to preserve them for generations to come.

In 2015, Restore Scan Ltd asked KEY to support their bid to deliver facilities management services to the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority.

“KEY supported us through all the various phases of the archive project from tender through mobilisation and into operational.  They have provided a professional and innovative service which enabled us to better support our own client. We have built an excellent ‘one team’ working relationship over the last two years and look forward to this continuing for many years to come”

Edd Whiting, Contracts & Commercial Manager, Restore Scan Ltd.

The Solution

We supported our client throughout Nucleus’ design and mobilisation phases and into full operations.  Processes were governed under the Government Soft Landings initiative, which aims to ensure better design, construction and lifecycle value for new build assets.

Our ongoing True FM services are delivered through the right mix of in-house resources and subcontractors.  We monitor these using a tried-and-trusted system of service level agreements and key performance indicators developed over our 25+ year history.

One critical responsibility is to maintain the ideal temperature, humidity and continuity conditions vital for protecting the records, including plans, drawings, photographs, film, microfiche and other documents.

While Nucleus is open to the public, many of the records are subject to high level access controls which necessitates a security regime which is dependable, yet discreet.  In addition, we oversee all routine maintenance and operations.

Scope of our activities:

• Environmental Management
• Planned Preventative Maintenance
• Reactive Repairs and Maintenance
• Energy Management
• Security
• Risk Management
• Business Continuity
• Cleaning Services
• Mailroom
• Handyman Service
• Emergency Breakdowns
• Portable Appliance Testing
• Pest Control

Square metres managed.

Kilometres of records.

Records at full capacity, maintained at ideal environmental conditions.

Added "True FM" Value:

Balancing In-house and Outsourced Resources

Tailoring the right mix of in-house and sub-contracted resource is essential for delivering optimal performance for the client.

Adaptive Technology

Understanding the subtle requirements and importance of condition-based monitoring.

Nuanced Security

A watertight regime encompassing public access and high-level security needs within one facility.

Entrance courtyard of the Nucleus Archiving Facility in Wick, Scotland
Aerial image of the Nucleus Archiving Facility in Wick, Scotland.

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