Integrated Operations

Integrated Operations: optimising your workplace in small steps with big gains.

About Integrated Operations

‘Integrated Operations’ is a suite of enabling technology modules, which are secure, mutually-compatible and cover the total space of workplace digitisation.

What are the benefits?  We have now passed the global tipping point in the adoption of workplace technologies.  Digitisation has become a determining factor in an organisation’s ability to compete and thrive.

Integrated Operations gives you command over your performance and portfolio, from a single facility to territory-spanning clusters.  It enables cost-effective, efficient and effective operations, confident planning, and effortless adaptation to changing circumstances.

How would it work?  With Integrated Operations, you build your digital workplace one small step at a time according to your budget and priorities, while achieving big gains from day one.

Why choose KEY?  Our deep understanding of the complex technology space and True FM ensures you get a solution tailored to your specific needs, and which is easy to implement, upgrade and extend.

Key Benefits of Integrated Operations

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Integrated Operations Modules include:

Image of CAF train in station
Image of CAF train in station

Effortlessly Realising your Digital Potential

KEY’s ongoing R&D programme ensures you get tried-and-tested technology which draws from the best the current digitisation space has to offer.  Our 25+ years of management consultancy means we understand your business needs and drivers, and can tailor and implement the right solution from our toolkit quickly and cost-effectively.

Next generation operations image showing process of facility management for a smart office or building

Our goal is that you generate a return from the outset, enabling you to leverage the value created to grow your solution.  Before you know it, you’ll have levels of control, visibility, flexibility and service quality such as you had only dreamed of, regardless of the size or complexity of your operations.

Next-Generation Operations for a Smart Office or Environment

ISO 41001 Support

Become ISO 41001 compliant with help from those who led development of the standard.

Global Capability

Ensuring compliancy and consistent standards across emerging markets.

Facilities Management Solutions

Enabling control, cost-effectiveness, compliance and high-quality services.

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