Office Workplace Optimisation

The Challenge

In a major restructuring of their international Facilities Management regime, a healthcare company sought regional office workplace optimisation.

There was an acute need at one large office facility in Lisbon, where the incumbent provider had failed to implement satisfactory corporate governance.  Over time, this had resulted in a notable deterioration of the workplace environment.

This collaboration has been an essential and fantastic alignment.  Together we are able to provide proper innovation and a better service”

GIO Regional Site Services for Spain & Portugal

The Solution

Upon assuming responsibility of the Lisbon offices, we implemented four strategies towards radically improving office conditions.

  1. At the outset, we conducted a comprehensive air quality audit.  This highlighted issues with implications for employee health, resulting in an immediate action plan to upgrade air filters and the main A/C unit.
  2. Working together with staff, we designed a new canteen menu with ‘lifestyle’ options including vegetarian and low-fat dishes.
  3. We put a system in place to guarantee robust corporate governance and a superior workplace experience.
  4. We implemented a programme of energy optimisation, leveraging natural light and cutting-edge smart technologies.

On the basis of all we achieved, we were awarded a contract extension in 2017.

€ Overhead Reduction in 1st year


Savings from Energy Optimisation


Increase in canteen meal servings with the healthier menu options

Year contract extension based on performance

Added "True FM" Value:

Air Quality Audit

Resolving significant air quality issues significantly improved the office environment and employee health and wellbeing.

Healthier Employees

By facilitating a menu more in tune with personal goals and aspirations, we have promoted a healthier office lifestyle while also turning around the fortunes of the canteen.

Smart Energy Optimisation

The installation of smart motion sensors in washrooms and lifts, LED lights in common areas, and a more efficient HVAC regime represent a win-win for energy savings and environmental policy.

Process Standardisation and Optimisation

Through robust reliable corporate governance we have ensured a great place to work, by delivering superior cleaning, maintenance, security and more.

Office Workplace Optimisation of a Lisbon Facility
Image of meeting room in optimised workplace

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