Workplace Optimisation

Workplace Optimisation: transforming office environments to protect and nurture your most precious assets.

About Workplace Optimisation

‘Workplace Optimisation’ is a thorough report on how to optimise your work environments to deliver legislative compliance, robust health and safety, and superior employee productivity and experiences.

What are the benefits?   Research implies up to two thirds of the modern workplace could be disengaged, and that physical environment is a major factor in staff productivity, health and wellbeing.

Therefore, a safe optimal office represents huge potential for performance gains.

How would it work?  A ‘Triple A’ audit which integrates True FM methods, with refinement options involving smart technologies, to assess your workplace compliance and / or quality for determinants of negative performance. These can include health and safety, thermal comfort, noise, lighting, space, natural features, and staff perceptions.

Why choose KEY?  Our specialism encompasses the many disciplines of Facilities Management and environmental psychology required for successful  workplace assessment and intervention.

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