Smart Diagnostics

Smart diagnostics: advanced tools for the assessment and analysis of building performance or issues.

About Smart Diagnostics

Smart Diagnostics are intelligent monitoring systems for enabling superior auditing and continuous optimisation of buildings and utilities.

What are the benefits?  The transformation of complex utilisation data into actionable or predictive information which delivers real business value and ROI.

How would it work?  Smart sensors and analyses construct a living model of your operational performance from real-time data on energy, space or utilities’ usage.

Why choose KEY?  Our skill at integrating the real and digital workplace guarantees a solution that satisfies your strategic and budgetary objectives.

We also employ smart diagnostics routinely in the delivery of our Triple A Consultancy services.

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Smart Diagnostics include:

Space Usage

Recording building usage to improve the utilisation of space and energy.

Electricity, Water & Gas Usage

Fine-grained measurement and management of essential utilities.

Other Environmental Variables

Understanding other environmental variables (e.g. temperature, light and humidity), and their relationship with each other, and usage patterns.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)

For some, AI and ML conjure a future where the machines have taken over.  However, for those who understand the space, they are not to be feared but embraced, because they enable levels of operational control, knowledge and efficiency hitherto unimagined.

Some of the ways these benign learning systems can help include automating evaluation, integration and presentation of:

  • Visual information
  • Spatial activity
  • Data according to pre-set parameters or decision-making criteria
  • Correlations and patterns involving multiple complex data streams


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Smart Monitoring

Optimising energy, space and operational efficiency, and pre-empting disruption.

Smart Environments

Fully automated smart office, building and city environments.

Smart Technologies

Superior operational efficiency and audits with smart technologies for FM.

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