Smart Environments

Fully automated smart office, building and smart city environments with the cutting-edge Cloud and IoT.

About Smart Environments

Smart Environments enable automated remote management of energy, lighting, heating and cooling systems, and predictive maintenance, supporting a truly smart office, building or city.

What are the benefits?  Optimal cost-effectiveness, operational efficiency, energy management and resource allocation.  Unrivalled control, visibility and flexibility of performance.  Enhanced productivity and experience of employees and customers.

How would it work?  A smart sensor system regulates your environments and assets to your specific requirements, only notifying your work team when intervention is needed.

Why choose KEY?  Only KEY can offer a fully-enabled smart environment as a part of an Integrated Operations solution.

I want to learn more about Smart Environments

Infographic of a smart environment monitoring system

Smart Technologies

Superior operational efficiency and audits with smart technologies for FM.

Smart Diagnostics

Advanced tools for the assessment and analysis of building performance or issues.

Smart Monitoring

Optimising energy, space and operational efficiency, and pre-empting disruption.

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