Smart Technologies

Superior operational efficiency and audits with smart technologies for Facilities Management.

About Smart Technologies

The Internet of Things has had the potential to transform Facilities Management for some time.  Smart sensors can bring a building or portfolio to life, enabling it to regulate its own performance and inform you in real time when work or change is needed.

Our smart toolkit supports superior utilisation analyses, assures business continuity, and enables unrivalled levels of workplace comfort and resource management.  More importantly, our True FM know-how ensures a solution tailored to the needs and nuances of your particular context, and which transforms your big data into big gains.

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Smart technologies: descriptions of some typical sensors

Smart Diagnostics

Advanced tools for the assessment and analysis of building performance or issues.

Smart Monitoring

Optimising energy, space and operational efficiency, and pre-empting disruption.

Smart Environments

Fully automated smart office, building and city environments.

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