What is True Facilities Management?

True FM: optimising performance of people, place, process and technology.

True FM: a vision of optimal performance

The era of one-size-fits-all Facilities Management is over!

Growing economic uncertainties and competitive pressures necessitate a smarter approach, one which leverages the best of what’s possible today, yet continuously improves and adapts in response to tomorrow’s challenges.

True FM is an aspirational vision designed to meet these challenges.  It interweaves advanced methods for optimising performance of people, place, process and technology, yet is always tailored to your specific requirements.

Optimal performance hinges on experienced and independent consultancy, and solutions that are innovative, comprehensive and adaptive.  These we term the 5 virtues of True FM, which together differentiate KEY’s offering from conventional FM:

True FM diagram showing of operational efficiency, productive people, sustainable, smart technologies and efficient process
True facility management pillars showing experience, independent, Innovative, adaptive, comprehensive,

The 5 Virtues of True FM:


Our 25+ years of FM experience enables a tailored solution which guarantees optimal performance for you.



Honest, objective, reliable expertise and support, unbiased by legacy or vested interest.



Smart solutions built from the best of what’s possible today, and which remain market-leading.


Proven specialists at optimal solutions which integrate people, place, process and technology.


Procedures and smart technologies which enable a cycle of continuous improvement and added value.

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