CAF Arabia: Prestige Rail Service

The Challenge

CAF Arabia needed a specialist Facilities Management partner to take care of the train cleaning for their prestige service between Riyadh’s King Khalid International Airport, and Al-Qassim.

Running at speeds in excess of 200 km per hour, this fleet is the most advanced of those CAF were contracted to design, produce and supply by the Saudi Railway Company (SAR).  They feature premium interiors and the latest technological safety innovations.  They also include areas for families, children, dining and prayer, facilities for passengers with reduced mobility, and a car-carrier for transporting personal vehicles.

The service runs 5 days a week and is a 900km return-trip, taking 2.5 hours each way.  Future phases are planned which will first extend the day train further north to Hail, and then beyond by overnight to Al-Jouf and Al-Qurrayat, 1242 km from the capital.

In a competitive tender process Key Facilities Management International were awarded this prestigious contract.

“KEY have been on this journey with us and we were delighted when they were awarded the contract for this new service. They have not let us down”

General Manager CAF Arabia

Riyadh to Dammam line

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The Solution

A team of 50+ strategically-located operatives working a daily cleaning schedule to our standards and procedures, staggered over a 24 hour period.  Every 42 days, trains are taken to the Riyadh Train Care Centre for periodic heavy cleaning (PHC) where upholstery is deep cleaned, and wall and floor marks are removed.  We also coordinate the supply of all water and fuel points.

Working to this rigorous schedule, we ensure that this prestigious fleet operates seamlessly and looks good-as-new at all times.

Our full scope of services under this contract include:

  • External Cleaning – Using Existing Power Wash and Hand Ball systems
  • Internal Cleaning – Bulkheads, Glass, Fixtures and Fittings
  • Hygiene Cleaning – Toilets and fittings
  • Janitorial Services – Toilet Consumables Replenishment
  • Rubbish Removal
  • Provision of On Board Assistants to provide full Janitorial Services
  • Rubbish Removal at Designated Station Collection Points
  • Sewage Disposal at Designated Collection Points
  • Spot Cleaning – Seats and Fittings
  • Engine Cleaning – Removal of Sand Ingress at both locations
  • Tanking – Provision of Fresh Water
  • Fuelling – At designated fuel points

Diesel power cars


Capacity to carry passengers per day

True FM “Added Value”

A Premium Passenger Experience

Enabling the highest-quality passenger experience at all times.

Strategic Planning

A team strategically-distributed across different locations to ensure the daily schedule works like clockwork, and guarantees the very best service delivery.

Cultural Sensitivity

The nuanced understanding of local culture necessary to avoid the pitfalls of the once-size-fits-all FM mentality

Image of CAF train in station

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