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The long-awaited ISO 41001 Management Systems Standard (MSS) finally specifies a benchmark against which Facilities Management (FM) can be assessed and measured.

Very soon insurers, regulators, clients and shareholders will start to make ISO 41001 certification a prerequisite for doing business, as has become the case for other MSS’s, like ISOs 9001 or 14001.

Combining presentation and workshop sessions, this 2 day ISO 41001 training course provides you with an introduction to the MSS, and the benefits it can bring to your FM structure, resourcing and service delivery.

We then focus on each aspect of the MSS and how it applies to your own organisation, providing you with what you need to achieve compliance, certification, and significant operational improvements.

We are delivering our public ISO 41001 course in partnership with the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM).

I want to learn more about Private ISO 41001 Training Courses

Why is our course unique?

It is the original ISO 41001 training course and was designed by the person who led development of the Standard: KEY’s CEO, Stan Mitchell

Who should attend and why?

  • Quality/Process Development Personnel: benchmarking organisational/process models
  • FM Line Managers: benchmarking organisational improvement
  • Managing/Financial Directors of Outsourcing/FM Companies: business development and optimising operational efficiency
  • FM Business Development/Sales Managers: market differentiation and new sales opportunities
  • Procurement Specialists: learning a new prerequisite for tendering

What will I learn?

  • How to prepare for ISO 41001 compliance and gain certification
  • An introduction to ‘Standards’ and how they influence all that we do
  • The true definition of FM, and the understanding and methodology required to enable an effective regime
  • Clarity regarding Strategic, Tactical and Operational FM
  • The logic underpinning the MSS and the benefits of utilisation

“Having established the ISO Committee responsible for developing ISO 41001, and served as its Chairman since, I can offer delegates deep insights into the journey and thinking that led to this revolutionary standard”

Stan Mitchell

CEO, KEY Facilities Management

ISO 41001 Course Overview

Introduction to ISO 41001

An overview of ISO 41001’s background and the course:

  • The British Standards Institution (BSI) and its FM related activities
  • The ISO and the 41000 family of standards
  • The aims, scope and structure of ISO 41001
  • Your objectives and circumstances for attending the course

FM Definitions and Principles

Learning the basic concepts that underpin ISO 41001:

  • A true definition of FM and differences around the world
  • What is an FM system?
  • What is strategic, tactical and operational FM?

ISO 41001 Requirements

A journey through each section of ISO 41001, and how it relates to your objectives and organisation:

  • Context of the organisation
  • Leadership
  • Planning
  • Support
  • Operations
  • Performance evaluation

ISO 41001 Certification

Providing an overview of the certification process:

  • Terms and definitions
  • Certification requirements
  • The process of certification
  • Requirements for a certificate of compliance

Benefits of ISO 41001

Providing you with the information you need to promote ISO 41001 within your organisation, including:

  • The benefits of an effective FM regime
  • The advantages of ISO 41001 certification

ISO 41001 Implementation

Helping you to develop an implementation plan for your organisation:

  • Your ISO 41001 implementation options
  • How to start and the steps to implementation
  • Implementation milestones and measures of success

“Highly recommended: a masterclass in FM which benefits enormously from the knowledge and experience of a course developer who has played a fundamental role in the professionalisation and standardisation of global FM”

Mark Peters

Facilities Manager

What is ISO 41001?

  • A Management Systems Standard (similar to ISO 9001, 14001 etc.) from the International Organization for Standardization set to transform how businesses and support services are managed and delivered globally.  It provides Government, Industry and Commerce with a model for developing a world class proactive FM regime.
  • The foremost standard among a set of new ISO 41000 standards being developed by Technical Committee ISO/TC 267 to provide a framework for global FM.  KEY’s CEO, Stan Mitchell has been integral to the process, inspiring support for and Chairing ISO/TC267, and leading creation of the standards.
  • ISO 41001 ‘Management Systems – Requirements with guidance for use’ aims to improve Facility Management awareness, and the development, implementation and maintenance of effective FM regimes in all sectors of industry and commerce.
  • A framework for facilitating efficient, appropriate FM structures and resourcing, and confers criteria for assessing if suppliers are fit for purpose.
  • A template for global businesses and markets which can help them develop a world class FM regime.  It enables professional training and certification, and supplier benchmarking for public and private sectors.
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ISO 41001 Support

Become ISO 41001 compliant with help from those who led development of the standard.

Case Studies

True FM, from smart diagnostics to transnational management solutions.

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