Global Facilities Management Audit

The Challenge

A food and drink organisation faced challenges benchmarking operational efficiency and standard, across many of their international locations, and wanted an independent expert assessment of compliance, performance opportunities and operational recommendations.

Throughout Asia, Oceania and the Americas they outsourced all facilities services.  However, contractual structures and approached varied from location-to-location.  There was an executive need for a model which could ensure control, compliance and consistency across their global portfolio.

They approached KEY Facilities Management to conduct an audit of their international facilities management framework.  Specific project objectives were:

  • Review of site organisational structure and competencies
  • Local management perceived added value through contract structure and performance
  • Contractual compliance
  • Acceptable standards of service delivery
  • Identification of opportunities and threats
  • Optimisation recommendations


The Solution

A comprehensive audit of sample locations geographically and operationally across the portfolio, applying the same framework for performance assessment for all.  At each location we:

  • Reviewed Local Client Senior Management and Local Service Provider Management to understand differing stakeholder perspectives about support service performance
  • Audited contract agreements for compliance
  • Reviewed outsourcing organisational structures
  • Reviewed mix of regional and site based competencies

From this data, we produced an overarching assessment indicating areas of compliance and non-compliance.

Also included were recommendations for standards, performance, and optimisation opportunities regarding operational efficiency and consistency going forward.

Six months later we followed up with a second audit to assess the success of the recommended improvements.

Approx number of facilities worldwide.


Approx number of employees, globally.

Added "True FM" Value:



With KEY’s 25+ years’ FM experience and lack of commercial ties, the customer was assured the independent, transparent and competent viewpoint they needed for a True FM audit like this.


KEY’s benchmark standards and performance monitoring framework have since been adopted across all the customer’s outsourced contract agreements, globally.


In all the sample locations KEY audited, there have been significant improvements in contract performance.


All three stakeholders -Corporate Client, Local Country Client and Local Service Provider- expressed satisfaction with our recommendations and resultant outcomes.

“KEY’s recommendations represented the ‘True North’ unvarnished truth, validating and / or articulating suspected issues. Their reports are guaranteed to be read and actioned when put on the desks of Upper Management”

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