Office Facility Management: Bulgaria

The Challenge

Two different organisations – a multinational company and an award winning BPO (business process outsourcing) provider- were seeking facility management in Bulgaria.  For both, this formed part of a programme of outsourcing management of their international offices, strategic acquisition of business premises and developing innovative work processes.

At that time, client facilities were underperforming, and there was a need to explore new locations where a more innovative approach to property utilisation might support sustainable growth.

Bulgaria is considered to be an immature market from an FM perspective and to have over-valued commercial premises stock.

“Key Facilities Management Bulgaria continues to sustain a superior service position in the Bulgarian market, one which delivers innovative “head of the pack” business solutions characterised by strong cultural understanding, collaboration, and practical know-how of new FM technologies and approaches”

Jon Gladwish

CEO, 60K Contact Centres

The Solution

Upon winning the contract, our first step was to knock on the doors of local stakeholders.

In Bulgaria, FM was equated largely with ‘cleaning’ and other basic service delivery functions.  Therefore, we understood that successful implementation, and knowledge transfer, would require building strong collaboration and mutual trust.

Working closely together with the location team and customers, we have been able to develop an FM system which meets corporate requirements, and yet is also sensitive to the local needs and culture.

Covering the full scope of FM activities, it has achieved positive change across all elements of the FM management system, notably in governance, financial control, environmental health and safety, and local training.

Via real-time executive reporting, these successes have attracted the attention of, and visits from Upper Management, causing the businesses and their facilities to become exemplars of improvement for their wider organisations.


Office Staff Supported

Sq Metres Cleaned Per Annum

Added "True FM" Value:

Red-Tape Cutting

When enabling requirements, our local knowledge and networks help us navigate swiftly a system reputed for its bureaucracy.

A People-Centred Approach

We understand that successful change management in Bulgaria starts with nurturing participation and buy-in from local leaders and employees, not top-down command and control.

Revitalising reporting

With real-time online reporting we bring the facility and its achievements alive for Upper Management.  This has transformed ‘just another office’ into a focus of interest, driving a virtuous cycle of improvement.

Pharmaceutical Transnational, image of exterior of the smart building from case study
Pharmaceutical Transnational, image of exterior of the smart building from case study

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