Multi-Utilities Company - ISO 41001 Audit

The Challenge

Ervia is a commercial semi-state company that provides strategic national gas, water and dark fibre broadband infrastructure and services that underpin the growth of the Irish economy.

They were seeking an independent, impartial and experienced partner to support their developing Facilities Management (FM) team on their journey towards compliance with ISO 41001, the new Management Systems Standard for FM.

As KEY’s CEO is leading the development of the ISO 40000 family of standards, they approached us to help them achieve their goal.

EIR - first Irish organisation to receive an ISO 41001 audit

As a relatively new organisation, bringing together several independent utility bodies, Ervia recognised the opportunity to implement a framework which would reflect the new international standard.

The Solution

KEY’s approach to Ervia’s ISO 41001 Audit was underpinned by our proprietary Triple A model.  This entailed three steps:

1. Assess.  We began with an analysis of Ervia’s current Facilities Management systems.  This included a face-to-face meeting, enabling us to gain a proper understanding of their specific operational context.

2. Advise.  We produced a draft report which highlighted gaps between the current set-up and the standards defined by ISO 41001, along with clear recommendations that would improve alignment with the Standard.  This was followed by a further face-to-face meeting with the leadership team to clarify and discuss the recommendations and logic.

3. Action.  A final report was produced, containing a template of clear actions to implement on the journey towards compliance.  Ongoing support remained on hand as and when required.

Customers served by Ervia every day


€ Billion Revenue

Added "True FM" Value:


The integral involvement of KEY’s CEO in the development of the new standard meant there was no better partner for Ervia for this pioneering audit.

Efficiency Gains

Our rich FM know-how ensures our recommendations deliver genuine efficiency gains, as well as a potential rubber-stamp.


Our support has enabled the client to become Republic of Ireland’s first organisation to align itself with ISO 41001!

“We recognised at once that ISO 41001 would be a global game-changer. As a market leader and innovator, we wanted to become the first accredited Irish organisation, and KEY was our first choice for a partner who would get us there”

Patrick McAuliffe

Head of Facilities and Property, Ervia

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