Corporate Facilities Energy Audit

The Challenge

A multinational client required a comprehensive smart energy audit of their office and warehouse facilities in a Balkan market.

Their objectives were to verify their compliance with EU EED Article 8, their own environmental policy, and to implement ISO 5100001 Operational Energy Management Standards.

The Solution

A Sustainability Leadership audit, which combined a walkthrough of the client’s assets, and a longitudinal study of energy performance using a leading-edge smart sensor system.

This conferred a rich 360° picture of the client’s real-time energy consumption at the level of individual assets, spaces and facilities.

€ Reduction of Energy Costs Estimated for the First Year


Predicted Cuts in Energy Costs through Performance Optimisation

Sqm of Office and Warehouse Facilities


Added "True FM" Value:

Reducing Environmental Impact

The audit identified significant opportunities for reducing climate impact and saving energy through upgrading lighting and HVAC systems in line with environmental best practice.

Optimising Heating Regimes

The sensors revealed extended periods where unoccupied spaces and facilities were being heated or cooled, where process tweaks also represented major savings and carbon reduction.

Ensuring and Demonstrating Compliance

Continuous energy monitoring and management using IoT and the Cloud were highlighted as important to ongoing compliance and cost-effectiveness.

Education and Co-creation

Throughout the audit, we engaged closely with the client and their staff to co-create the right solution together, ensuring buy-in and that insights would deliver real behavioural change.

Image of internal and external sensors employed in the smart energy audit

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