Private Medical Complex

The Challenge

An international client approached us with a need for a simple, but effective, IWMS (integrated workplace management system).  Their flagship new private medical complex for high-end clients was fast approaching launch.

Consistently high standards of facilities services were essential.  So too was an immediate response to reactive works, and  watertight planned preventative maintenance.

The small maintenance team, particularly the Manager, were overloaded and largely reacting to work requirements.  Their responsibilities encompassed five floors and a regime which included both conventional FM assets and services, and diverse medical equipment involving many specialist suppliers and warranties.

Activities were being managed across multiple spreadsheets.  Work requests were streaming in via various routes, including notifications by emails, phone or verbally from staff as the Manager was passing.  Much of the business-critical Facilities Management information resided in his head and managing the workload rendered him unable to consider any kind of performance framework.

“I am finding more and more use for KEY’s system every day.  I am amazed at how powerful it can be and would have no hesitation in recommending it to others.  Particularly, the mobile application is so useful and easy to use, and it enables me to receive work notifications, and keep an eye on operations and performance wherever I am.  It’s also a piece of cake now to monitor and measure the performance of the medical and non-medical assets, and the many subcontractors”

Maintenance Manager

The Solution

A Integrated Operations solution, mobilised over the course of 3 days:

Understanding the context.  First, we employed our True FM model to build a rich appreciation of the complex’s real-world context.  In detail we mapped the physical spaces and assets.  We also sought to understand the roles and perspective of the staff in the complex, the day-to-day processes they used, and challenges they faced.

Configure the platform to context.  Next we configured our IWMS to the context, importing the assets and setting up processes so they corresponded to the way staff were doing things.  Throughout, our Facilities Management Consultancy helped to resolve gaps and standardise ambiguous process in line with best practice.

Integrate client and platform.  We then brought all the staff together, for discussion and education on the new platform.  First we helped them understand how we had mapped the system to their daily activities, and ran practical training using meaningful real-world scenarios.

Controlled launch and optimal performance.  By the time the medical complex launched, the client’s Integrated Operations were up-and-running seamlessly, and have been delivering an optimal service to their customers since.



Assets (incl Specialist Medical Equipment)

Planned Preventative Maintenance Schedules

Added "True FM" Value:

Effective Organisation and Resource Allocation

Rather than requiring staff to bend to the will of our system, we worked with them to build a solution which mirrored their real-world activities.  This not only helped with their buy-in, but also highlighted areas where the system could enable receptionists and IT staff to support their Facility Management team, allowing them to move from reactive to proactive management.

Consolidated, Standardised, Optimised Processes

The integration of client and platform also helped to get operations shipshape ahead of launch.  This included completing inventories, resolving gaps, improving existing processes and benchmarking performance and setting targets.  In all of this we were able to bring value through our deep knowledge of facilities management standards and best practice.

Risk Mitigation

Having all essential information on assets, operations and performance in the Cloud enables the managerial team to access it any time, anywhere and we are able to help remotely should issues occur.  It also meant the Manager was no longer a critical dependency and bottleneck, because should anything happen to him, it was now easy for someone else to take over.

Managing Multiple Asset Regimes

The system braided the management of conventional FM assets and services, specialised medical equipment and diverse suppliers into one efficient inventory and workflow.

Image of the interior of the Private Medical Complex managed by the IWMS
Image of Manager checking assets in the complex

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