Smart Server Monitoring

The Challenge

This smart server monitoring solution began with a heavy thunderstorm.  A spot check by the services team of an international client revealed water to be leaking into offices, which led to concerns about the potential of damage to critical server assets.

The Solution

We deployed smart sensors into the server room to enable 24/7 conditional monitoring.  The subsequent value of this solution for safeguarding critical assets was soon recognised, leading to a roll out across seven additional office locations across the client’s emerging market operations.

Estimated hours saved on spot checks per year (across 8 offices).

Number of emergency callouts!

Estimated cost of 1 day's server downtime per office (av 180 staff).

Added "True FM" Value:

Emergency Response

Any breach of ideal server room conditions triggers a mobile notification to the work team, enabling a rapid 24/7 response.  An emergency callout averted potential water damage to the server.

Identifying Building Issues

The emergency callout identified a previously unknown pathway for rainwater, which the service team was subsequently able to resolve.

Disaster prevention

Our client can rest easy knowing they are safeguarded against costly disruption and downtime.

Optimising the FM regime.

Prior to the installation, server room spot checks were taking place up to 3 times a day.  Now through True FM performance optimisation, the service team is able to check conditions remotely by mobile phone.

Smart server Monitoring with smart sensors

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