Bringing the Benefits of True FM to the Highland and Islands Region

One of KEY’s 2017 objectives is the significantly expansion of our operations in the Highlands and Islands region.  Our aim is to bring the benefits of our home-grown True FM to local businesses and organisations.

“We’re the longest running FM company in the UK.  While we have a global arena of operations, bringing value to our Scottish homeland has always been of special importance to us,” KEY CEO, Stan Mitchell.

KEY’s flagship project in HIE is ‘Nucleus’, which opened February 2017.  Nucleus is a new 5,000 square metre archiving facility in Wick.  We supported Crimson UK Ltd and Restore Scan Ltd throughout the design and mobilisation process.  Now we provide ongoing services for them including M&E maintenance, energy management, cleaning and other FM aspects.

“KEY supported us through all the various phases of the archive project from tender through mobilisation and into operational. They have provided a professional and innovative service which enabled us to better support our own client.  We have built an excellent ‘one team’ working relationship over the last two years.  We look forward to this continuing for many years to come,” Edd Whiting, Contracts & Commercial Manager, Restore Scan Ltd.

A core responsibility for us at Nucleus is to maintain strict environmental conditions.  This is required to protect historic records for the UK nuclear industry, and also for Caithness County.  Some of the latter date back to the c16th century.

Says Stewart Lackie, a senior Key consultant, “Wick is a perfect example of Key’s True FM thinking and value in action.  We intend to repeat that success for other organisations across the Highlands and Islands in 2017 and beyond.”

True FM is KEY’s core differentiator: a broader aspirational vision of operations which interweaves people, place, proven method and smart technologiesTrue FM revolves around the principle of optimal performance for each and every customer. It is underpinned by our unique capacity to understand your operations, needs and budget constraints.  In turn, this capacity enables us to tailor the right solution for you. Says Stewart:

“The era of the one size fits all approach to FM is over.  Relentless economic and regulatory pressures necessitate nuanced solutions tailored to the specific needs of each enterprise.  For these to deliver optimal value in each case, they need to leverage the best of what’s possible today, and be able to adapt and improve to changing circumstances,” Stewart Lackie, senior KEY consultant.

KEY’s Facilities Management Solutions embody the concept of a integrated, futureproof and cost-effective systems. Alongside conventional FM, these solutions can include maintenance management, smart sensor monitoring, and workplace optimisation.  All our designed for control, and easy implementation and scalability.

If you’re located in the Highlands and Islands region, and think you might benefit from help from the True FM experts, then talk to at or +44 (0) 1786 841603.