The new ISO International Standards for Facility Management (Video)

A keynote presentation on the new ISO international standards for facility management, and their implications for global business.  The presentation was recorded at the Scotland Works 2017 Exhibition at SEC, Glasgow  (apologies for some background noise!).

The presenter is Stan Mitchell, CEO of Key Facilities Management.  Stan leads the development of the standards in his capacity as Chair of ISO Technical Committee 267.

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The first International Facility Management Standards: An Overview

2017-18 will go down as historic years for the global Facility Management (FM) sector!

Things kicked off on Friday 31st March ’17 when the ISO 267 Facility Management committee published its first two international facility management standards.  A third followed on July 12th.

These first three standards are:

  • ISO 41011 standardises an international vocabulary for FM.  The standard affords a clear common terminology for providers and customers.
  • ISO 41012 gives guidance on strategic sourcing and the development of agreements.  The standard helps define and regulate a better working relationship between providers and customers.
  • ISO 41013 outlines the scope, key concepts and benefits of FM, while also providing a context for the use and application of the terms already defined in ISO 41011.


Announcing the publications, Stan Mitchell, our CEO and acting Chair of the ISO 267 FM Technical Committee, said:

“Many thanks indeed to the forty two countries who have supported the committee.  Special thanks to Paul Stadlöder, Jay Drew and Olav Egil Sæbøe for their leadership who along with the hard working members of their respective committees have delivered. Well done to all and many thanks on behalf of Facilities Managers everywhere for getting us on the map!  There is more to come, make sure that your country is represented so that you can participate”

Well done too to Stan, who has been integral in the process leading to these groundbreaking publications, and those to come.  He inspired international support for the ISO FM Technical Committee, which he leads in the creation of these new FM standards.


Management Systems Standard ISO 41001: The real game changer!

Particularly, many are on tenterhooks regarding the upcoming ISO 41001, due for publication in Spring 2018.  ISO 41001 deals with the requirements and guidance for use of management systems.  It aims to improve awareness and support for effective facilities management regimes globally and across all sectors.

ISO 41001 will help facilitate appropriate FM structures and resourcing.  The standard is set to transform business management globally, providing markets with a model for developing a world class FM regime.  Additionally, it will provide a basis for professional training and certification, and supplier benchmarking for public and private sectors.

We’ll be posting on the themes of the new standards for the rest of August, with regular updates beyond.  (Next Friday: a video of a presentation by our CEO on their development and implications of ISO 41001!).

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