Key FM introduce True FM to China

Key FM’s CEO and CIO, Gordon and Stan Mitchell had the privilege of presenting to a delegation of 20 senior government officials and business owners  from Zhejiang province, China, this week. The meeting was facilitated by The University of the West of Scotland (UWS)already a training partner in the region. During the session we studied the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as it is employed in our True FM model and how this capability drives standards and best practice for Facilities Management operations in China and beyond. 

Gordon commented: “Today was a very informed and enjoyable presentation and dialogue focused on the many ways Artificial Intelligence will change our sector and where true partnership will lead to global best practice and change.”


Ashwini Konanahalli, lecturer at UWS added: “We at UWS are delighted to facilitate this training event during which we were not only able to showcase our partnership with Key FM but also present the sector-leading pioneering work done by Stan and Gordon. I’m delighted to play a part in this collaboration where we endeavour to apply AI technology for wider FM industry operations.

UWS Chinese delegation

Chinese Government delegates and business leaders meet Key FM

Zhejiang Department of Science and Technology 

Zhejiang (near Shanghai) is one of the most developed regions in China. The delegation’s remit for their visit to UWS was to hear from AI-related organisations, learn about AI application in industry, understand the challenges and the focus for the future as well as prospect for collaborative projects.  

The 20 officials are tasked with implementing and drafting laws, regulation and policies on science and technology as well as composing and implementing hi-tech industrial and annual planning. Collectively they manage funds, hi-tech development zones at a provincial level and are jointly responsible for foreign affairs in the sci-tech domain. 

Their enthusiasm and commitment to sourcing overseas technological cooperation and their passion to support high-tech enterprises and solutions was evident from their enthusiasm for the Key FM presentation. It should also be noted that China is one of the 32 countries currently registered as participating members of ISO/TC 267, further evidence of their will to drive forward professional standards in the FM sector. We hope this will be the start of new and exciting collaboration to come. 


ISO TC/267

32 ISO TC/267 Participants

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Key FM CIO joins ISO/ TC 267 AG 2, Facility Management – Communications

All large organisations can find it a struggle to ensure that essential information is disseminated in a timely and efficient way to stakeholders. The ISO and its some 45,000 experts brought together with the collective goal of publishing international standards is no exception to that challenge.  

With this is mind, ISO/ TC 267 Advisory Group 2 was formed and tasked with developing ISO/TC 267 messagingIts remit is to create awareness of the Facility Management group activities and promote adoption of ISO/ TC 267 outputs.

Communication is Key  

We are pleased to announce that our own Gordon Mitchell has recently joined AG2 and is in a unique position to help drive communications forward. Many of our readers will recognise Gordon’s passion for innovation in the FM sector and this, coupled with his position as Chair of ISO/ TC 267 AG1 FMTTG and his membership of the IWFM Artificial Intelligence Technology Working Group, underpin his dedication to ensuring news on the important work being carried out by the 45 members of ISO/ TC 267 reaches as many ears as possible.

Gordon comments: “There is no evolution if innovation and awareness are not connected.”

What is next for AG2? 
2019 Dublin_ISO

ISO/TC 267 Advisory Group

Following the release of ISO 41001 (Facility management – Management systems – Requirements) in 2018, burning questions are being asked amongst the international FM community, such as:  

  • What is the value of ISO 41001 to the industry? 
  • How does an organisation get accredited to ISO 41001? 
  • What next for technology in FM?
  • What is the roadmap ahead for FM standards? 

These questions and others are being addressed by TC members at FM events worldwide and ISO/TC 267 AG2 is primed to ensure that access to the answers to these and other questions, as well as regular updates on developments, are readily accessible.  

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Cutting edge Knowledge Transfer Partnership researcher welcomed to Key FM

Key FM takes pride in the international face of our business. From our beginnings in Doune in Scotlandwe now have a global reach into more than 20 countries around the world. 

In this tradition we are pleased to introduce Thepparit Sinthamrongruk, the latest addition to our pioneering team looking at the role of technology in the FM landscape. Thapparit is currently studying for his PHD in the School of Computing, Engineering and Physical Sciences with the University of the West of Scotland (UWS)funded by the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship (SMARTLING Project). He is a lecturer at The College of Arts, Media and Technology in his native Thailand at the University of Chiang Mai.  

This collaborative research project between Key FM and UWS will deliver an industry-leading FM platform capable of autonomous facilities operation, nanosecond procurement, asset monitoring and optimisation. A highly innovative package will be delivered via a user-friendly dashboard that provides both deep insight and integration across multiple FM systems and platforms. 

Thepparit comments “I really appreciate all the support from UWSKey FM and Chiang Mai University for giving me an opportunity to do this research. I believe that this research activity can develop the Digital Twin model for industries and businesses and can develop cooperation between Scotland and Thailand in the future.”

Ashwini Konanahalli, lecturer at UWS said  “This world-leading KTP programme offers a great opportunity for us (academics) to work on industryrelated issues and create a real-world change. Through this collaboration with Key FM we not only aim to develop an end to end digital ecology but also produce academic papers in high-quality peer-reviewed journals. Most importantly, this project provides me with new insights and examples from practice, which then informs my teaching. In fact, Gordon Mitchell, CIO of KeyFM delivered a guest lecture for my Master’s students, which went down so well that one student is already exploring the possibility of a PhD in Facilities Management.”

The brave new world of Digital Twins

Thepparit’s remit is to develop an end-to-end Digital Ecology offering with a specific focus on Autonomous Facilities Management. This holistic methodology involves connecting relevant information from FM systems such as 3D models, CAFM, BMS, ERP and sensor data. This capability to achieve real-time visibility of the entire supply chain and come up with situation-centric models has the potential to positively disrupt the FM market and transform building operations.   

Facilities Management meets Global Standards

Thepparit points out “The interesting thing of this research is to develop an FM Digital Ecology under recommendations from Stan and Gordon Mitchell, Chair of the ISO/TC 267 for Facility Management and Chair of ISO TC 267 FM AG1 – FMTTG 

Indeed, as Gordon Mitchell is our leading light on matters of technology in the FM space, we can be sure that under his guidance the solutions developed by Thepparit will be a perfect fit with the practical needs of the FM industry. Evidencing once again the positive outcomes that can be produced when academia and businesses such as Key FM work together.  


Data Scientist Thepparit Sinthamrongruk, KTP researcher and Gordon Mitchell, Key FM CIO

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