KEY FM pioneering partnership with Betty Blocks

Key FM CIO Gordon Mitchell on Stage @BBoS2019
The 14th of March, in the buzzing tech town of Alkmaar, saw a meeting of like-minded bright young things from across an impressive range of industries from insurance to logistics. Developers and entrepreneurs alike were brought together by one common question (or “Big Hairy Audacious Goal!”): Will software platform providers Betty Blocks achieve their aim of making it possible for any person (or Citizen Developer) in the street to build an application of their own from scratch by 2023?

Who is Betty I hear you cry?!

Alkmaar may be most famous for its golden discs of Gouda, but away from the kaasmarkt there is a far more 21st Century player spear heading change which aims to take software development away from the IT Crowd and into the hands of any business with the core of an idea that needs an app to make their vision reality.

Find out more about Citizen Development and Betty Blocks #BBoS2019

KEY FM Betty Blocks Presentation

KEY FM proud to lead the way in Citizen Development

To this audience AI-controlled and adaptive building environments may have sounded like science fiction but like the Betty Blocks vision for a world without code, KEY FM’s aim is about putting the human being and the workplace at the centre of technology; making any office space a more enjoyable environment to work in. For Gordon Mitchell, CIO here at KEY FM, pioneering the Betty Blocks solutions means that we are one step closer to making the vision reality.

Contact us today to find out more about how we are making “smart buildings” accessible to any business and empowering user communities with platforms like Betty Blocks to evolve, improve and optimise experiences, workplaces and portfolios.

True Partnership

Here at Key FM, our approach to FM l operates with 5 clear definitions, which we term the 5 virtues of True FM. These recognise that optimal performance hinges on experienced and independent consultancy, and solutions that are innovative, comprehensive and adaptive.

We have, and will continue to, develop many different types of relationships, however it is our intention that these always reflect something we like to call True Partnership. This true partnership approach covers all aspects of all business, but over the coming quarter we are going to focus on:

  • Best in class value add Partners
  • Academic/Thought leadership Partners
  • International Network Partners

Today we would like to highlight our latest Academic/thought leadership partnerships with The University of Western Scotland, as, On Tuesday 12th February, we had our first meeting to kick off this partnership, supported by Innovate UK.

The idea behind this partnership is to work with the University and their wealth of sector/discipline experts to augment our own FM expertise and create a world’s first framework to provide any business, or indeed building, a roadmap to the autonomous building (autonomous building is a building that operates varying degrees of its assets and functions autonomously without the need for intervention from the workforce around repetitive and administrative tasks). The partnership will create clear methods to deliver very real paths for any business, no matter the point they are on the journey, to have real understanding of both the digitisation of the operations and the building, and also the efficiencies, and ultimately the return on investment. This project will encompass, but will not be limited to, all traditional application environments available in the built environment, and this will then evolve to integrate Digital twins, virtual reality, augmented reality, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, autonomous Smart building functions , predictive and conditional based monitoring, nano second secure transactions and so much more.

If you want to start or evolve your own Smart Estate or autonomous Building journey then please contact us for more information! OR if you want to follow the journey then please watch this space, it has only just begun!!