To celebrate World FM Day, we asked our International FM team ‘what’s the best thing about being a Facilities Manager?’

Here are some of the best bits from the responses:

“Variety!  No two days are ever the same – there’s never a dull day in FM!”
Stewart Lackie, Senior Facilities Manager

“People!  FM is all about interactions, and how people with diverse competencies and backgrounds come together in perfect harmony to make a project successful.”
Megha Joshi, Facilities Manager

“The wide scope of activities and responsibilities! This is what I enjoy and what makes me happy in my role. Every day you need to be in multitasking mode and prepared for any challenge. In the morning you can have a mop in your hands washing the floor, and in the afternoon, you’re forecasting budgets and managing the supply chain.”
Jorge Diniz, Facilities Manager

“Challenges!  While it can be challenging having to deal with different types of customers and projects onsite, once you are able to handle it smoothly, that’s what gives you the feeling of accomplishment.”
Tariq Bashir, Facilities Manager

“The challenge of multi-tasking and the self–accomplishment of completing projects!  This is what makes the job exciting for me.”
Engy Fahem Abo Allam, Facilities Manager

“Holistic management!  My passion and goal is always to facilitate the details so as to achieve a big picture where client needs are met, the workplace is comfortable, and staff are happy and give their best in return!”
Afaq Salem Alkhreisat 

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