On a recent visit to Poland, KEY CEO, Stan Mitchell, was proud to receive an Honorary Membership of the Polish Facility Management Council.


Stan with members of Polish Facilities Management Council

Stan Mitchell with members of the Polish Facility Management Council


Stan was running a workshop for the Polish Facility Management (FM) Council on the new ISO 41000 standards for FM.  The venue was in Poznań, one of the country’s oldest and most beautiful cities, located on the Warta River in west-central Poland.


Poznan, Poland, venue for ISO 41000 Workshop for Polish Facilities Management Council, 24 May 2018

Poznan, Poland, venue for the ISO 41000 workshop


The workshop was scheduled for a half-a-day, but the fruitful discussion continued for several hours afterward.  At some point in the proceedings, Stan got wind that something was afoot.  As he puts it:

“I noticed that Krzysztof, President of the Council, had disappeared.  Then suddenly he reappeared with journalists and photographers.  I wondered what on Earth was going on. The next thing I knew I was I was being awarded an Honorary Membership.  Completely unexpected and a genuinely delightful surprise!”  

The Honorary Membership was awarded in recognition of Stan’s role in initiating the Council.  President, Krzysztof Kogut, said that this stemmed back to a conversation with Stan, three years previously.  They’d been talking about how to progress FM professionalisation in Poland, and Stan had advised that Krzysztof needed to get an association started.


KEY CEO, Stan Mitchell with Polish Facility Management Council President, Krzysztof Kogut

KEY CEO, Stan Mitchell receives Honorary Membership of Polish Facility Management Council from President, Krzysztof Kogut


Krzysztof said it was this idea that set in motion activities leading to his establishing the Polish Facility Management Council.  He also acknowledged the ad hoc support Stan had given him along the way in getting the organisation up-and-running.

Speaking about Stan, Krzysztof said:

“Thanks to Stan’s work and inspiration, FM industry associations and institutions around the world have the equipment they need to improve the quality of their local markets, including the Polish Facility Management Council. .   


He has also showed us how advanced a tool the new ISO standards are for enabling superior relationships between FM and client organisations, and for building advanced FM strategies founded on knowledge, mutual understanding and partnership.  Developing these standards cannot have been easy, requiring both high-level abstract and strategic thinking, and also a deep understanding of everyday FM operations. 


Definitely Stan has it all!”


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