Stan Mitchell brought a touch of Scottish charm to Baltimore this week where he was a guest speaker at The National Facilities Management event (#NFMT), a flagship FM show.

NFMT Guest Speaker


Round table at The NFMT

This leading conference recognises the importance of learning from peers and experts about workplace trends, technology advances, budget planning, and better ways to communicate up and down the organisational chart. Attendees at NFMT events know that the conference brings together a unique mix of experienced people sharing valuable content. It prides itself on enabling industry players to take a deep dive into professional development and connect with peers and experts who can help them do their job well.

Thanks to Stan’s varied past and present roles, including national chair of BIFM (now IWFM), founding chair of Global FM and founding chair of ISO TC 267 Facility Management Committee, his informative presentation brought powerful industry insight to NFMT delegates.

Delegates at the show keen to delve further or those interested in finding out more should get in touch.

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