World FM Day on May 15th is a celebration and recognition of the facility management profession. It’s a time to bring the behind-the-scenes heroes of the built environment into the limelight and share well-deserved thanks for keeping our buildings healthy, safe and productive places to work.

Meet the Key FM team

Meet the Key FM team in Doune

Key FM is a family run facilities management consultancy, established in Scotland in 1990, we are the longest-running FM consultancy in the UK. This photo is taken outside our historic office in Doune, the original factory where the pistol that fired the first round of the American War of Independence was manufactured. Founded in 1646 by blacksmith Thomas Caddel, it produced astonishingly ornate engraved pistols made from melted-down horseshoe nails and Doune pistols became the gun of choice among kings and nobles. We are now proud to call this space our own and maintain the spirit of innovation and excellence in our field established here over 300 years ago.

In the spirit of shouting loud and proud about the contributions facility professionals like ours make to the built environment and to our world, we’re supporting the IFMA throughout World FM ​Week.

To get involved remember to sign up on the IFMA World FM Day page on May 13. The following features will be available for download on each day of World FM Week:

5 Days of Gratitude

May 13: Four Ways Technology Has Changed the Modern Workplace (article)

May 14: Five Practices That Improve the Business Impact of Research (benchmarking)

May 15: How Cisco Improved Their Triple Bottom Line by Updating Their Brand, Culture and Workspace (case study)

May 16: Work Space Etiquette (how to)

May 17: Making Sense of BIM for FM Managing for the Building Life Cycle (white paper​)


And of course, follow us throughout World FM Week to find out what we’re getting up to!

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