Key FM is pleased to share details of CIO Gordon Mitchell’s upcoming seminar at the Facilities Show, London Excel. Key FM is looking forward to joining industry enthusiasts for 2 days of insights and knowledge sharing-opportunities from the 18th to 20th June.  

Blending FM Standards with Industrial Revolution 4.0 – The Adaptive Workplace 

Join Gordon as he takes you on a journey looking at the opportunities for FM presented by Industrial Revolution 4.0. He’ll give his predictions for developments in workplace culture and environment and highlight the role of technology in the future FM landscape. Industry-leading insight will be supported by concrete business case studies and examples underpinned by Gordon’s experience in the longest running FM company in the UK. 

KEY fm Facilities Show London 2019Facilities Show London 2019

Facilities Show London 2019

Date: Thursday 20th June  
Time: 14:45pm  
Location: Workplace Technology Theatre 
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ISO TC 267 Technology Task Group 

Gordon is chair of this new ISO Technology Task Group with a remit to build a working understanding of the implications of technology developments within the realm of FM. The group will build a framework of capabilities to facilitate a deeper understanding of how best to integrate everything from Artificial Intelligence and blockchain to robotics into facilities management. Ultimately providing clarity on how technology integrates with the many built environment tools and knowledge bases available on the market. 

Where social science meets the workplace 

Key FM is keen to ensure that people are at the heart of everything we do. With this focus in mind, solutions that Gordon will highlight in his seminar come back to a central question. Does this space support the overall aim of a happier and healthier workforce?  Key FM aims to work with suppliers that are in tune with this mission from both the UK and internationally. To find out more, make sure you join Gordon on Thursday.

Gordon will be available before or after his seminar to discuss implications for your business.  

Connect with Key FM today to help us ensure your FM solution is ahead of the technology curve. 

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