Key FM is a family business and us such we feel it is only fitting that the canine friends at the heart of so many homes are also given the place they deserve within the Key FM family. 

But this policy isn’t just about our aim to ensure our head office feels like a home from home, it is much more than that. The last decade has seen many shifts in the way we work, particularly within the built environments we operate for our clients. Hot-desking, agile working and co-working are common working patterns in modern offices. We have observed a tide of development ithe wellness space recently whether it be at the EFMC in Dublinthe FM ME Awards in Dubai and the London FM Showwellbeing for employees is now firmly embedded in the FM agenda. From yoga studios, biophilia and art therapy to offering healthy snacks and drinks, showers and physical and mental health support options to improve the lives of your workforce aboundWinning the war for talent is a primary objective for most organisations and we have seen this clearly translate into increasingly imaginative ways to improve a typical working day for staff and ultimately retain the best talent. 

Allowing staff to take their dogs to work is another manifestation of this. Google has long been known as a dog friendly employer and some of the biggest pet food companies are now running successful campaigns to support businesses that would like to embark on the same journey. 

In short, at Key FM, our teams having their trusty companions at their side as part of their everyday routine goes to the heart of how we are best placed to champion wellness in your workplace. Looking beyond our smart building technology to ensure our solutions truly serve the needs of the people at the core of your business. 


Key FM Programme Manager, Celeste, with Skye

Programme Manager, Celeste, says : “For me having Skye in the office helps me keep relaxed. He gives me a reason to take a break and take him out or get him a biscuit and he never fails to make me laugh at multiple points in the day.” 
Check out the benefits that your workplace could enjoy through encouraging your team to bring their dogs to work.
Pets relieve stress

Having pets in the office reduces stress and makes employees feel more relaxed. Repeated studies have showthat individuals who bring their dogs to work have decreased hormonal stress levels when compared with those who did not bring any pets to work. 

Pets promote positive social interactions

A pet-friendly workplace tends to increase employee satisfaction, improve morale, and promote an atmosphere of teamwork and communication.

Pets at work save employees money

Allowing employees to bring their pets to work helps their wallets, which could be a great financial perk when you consider the cost of doggie day care or dog walking services for employees who work long hours or commute every day.

Pets improve your company image

Allowing pets in the office can boost a customer’s perception of the business. Most customers have a positive response when they are offered a chance to interact with an employee’s pet, and it can help them to relax and enjoy their visit to the business. 

Pets increase employee performance

Employees of pet-friendly businesses tend to work longer hours and have fewer absences. They don’t have to worry about rushing home to let the dog out or staying home to watch a pet that may be feeling under the weather. 

Pets attract top talent 

Employee turnover is costly, and companies are always scanning the horizon for perks and benefits that will draw loyal employees. Just as female job candidates will at times choose the workplace with the most generous maternity leave and child-care policies, a pet-friendly policy will work for similar reasons for that much-desired prospective employee

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