History has shown over and over again that it takes a strong community to enact real change. ProFM is the result of independent FM organisations and individuals coming together to elevate the facility management profession and advance the careers of facility professionals. The ProFM community takes pride in their will to create and deliver global standards for facility professionals.

In a recent collaboration, Key Facilities Management CEO Stan Mitchell gives his insight into risk management in action and explains how today’s FM industry is relying more and more on risk management skills. Risk management covers everything from the apparently obvious functions of health and safety, maintenance and environmental standards to a host of compliance considerations. However, Stan also highlights the need to mitigate less tangible areas of risk such as reputational risk and acknowledges the key role that operational and management system standards, such as ISO4001, play in this domain. Reputational risks range from the impact businesses have on the environment around them to the role they play in their local community.

Key FM CEO Stan Mitchell has had a pivotal role within ProFM. He supported the body from its inception to create the ProFM® credential. This body of knowledge defines the 19 functional FM knowledge areas and five cross-functional competencies required of today’s facility professionals. It is the result of an extensive 2017 study led by the ProFMI Commission with input from over 3,300 professionals spanning 93 countries.

Stan is a member of the Commission and has since authored training content for ProFM. Our close relationship continues as Key FM is now proud to be an ‘Industry Partner’ meaning we support ProFM in their delivery of training internationally.

Hear the full presentation now to ensure your business is fully abreast with your risk management responsibilities. 




ProFM working together to improve our industry


For more information on our partnership with ProFM take a look here   https://www.profmi.org/our-partners/
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