If you were paying attention back in June when the team got together in Dublin during the European Facilities Management Conference (EFMC 2019), you will already know that the ISO/TC 267 Advisory Group chaired by our own Gordon Mitchell, Key FM CIO, focuses on issues related to Facilities Management and technology.

However, with such a rich seam of standards within the ISO 41000 family, do you sometimes find it challenging to keep track of developments? In a recent live chat with Mike Petrusky, hear Laverne Deckert and Gordon distil the issues in this upbeat podcast. They discuss the need for building a standard around technology infusion in the built environment as it relates to smart buildings, data and modelling information to make the workplace more human-centric. The team even find time for an online “celebration” with a Kool and the Gang version of podcast karaoke, which you wouldn’t want to miss!

Crucially Mike asks about the practical application of the TC 267 mission, allowing Laverne and Gordon to share why they believe that the FM experience and data science can be integrated with best practices and accreditations from organisations like IFMA, IWFM, and ProFM. Facility management is value centre and we need to advance practices and standards in FM to allow FM leaders to digitally transform their careers and their organisations.

Roadmap to implementing workplace technologies

Gordon and Laverne

A Roadmap to Implementing Workplace Technologies

Find our more from the ISO here

Focus on Laverne

Laverne works with her clients to assess, analyse, and optimise process improvement opportunities in the Corporate Real Estate and Facility Management industries. She provides on-site and off-site strategic business consultation, team facilitation and project development services. In her spare time, you will find she is never far from her children and her horses.

Focus on Gordon

Gordon has long been ahead of the curve with his vision on blending technology and operations to optimise business processes, but above all his passions lies in ensuring this optimisation has a positive impact on the human stories to be found at the heart of every workplace. Away from work you will find him enjoying quality time with his growing family.

2019 Dublin_ISO

ISO/TC 267 Advisory Group, Dublin 2019

Connect with Laverne on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lcdeckert/

Connect with Gordon on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gordon-mitchell-9aaa8834/

Learn more about ISO/TC 267 for Facility Management:  https://www.iso.org/committee/652901.html



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