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Profile of Megha Joshi: EHS Specialist for KEY FM International

This week we're in Dubai to profile Megha Joshi, KEY's EHS Specialist for a major multinational.  Our aim is to learn how Megha came to the role, and about her experience facilitating a new EHS (Environmental Health and Safety) System across countries which typically...

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How Facilities Management can embrace the digital age

In KEY's guest blog for CENSIS -Scotland's Innovation Centre for Sensor and Imaging Systems- we set out how Facilities Management (FM) can embrace the digital age.  This piece outlines our takeaways and learnings from speakers at CENSIS's  4th Tech Summit from the...

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Profile of Jorge Diniz: KEY Portugal Facilities Manager

Continuing this month’s Portuguese focus, we’re in sunny Lisbon for a conversation with Jim Yorston, KEY’s Chief Operations Officer, and our Portugal Facilities Manager: Jorge Diniz.  Our aim is to learn more about Jorge, who is a cornerstone of the country's...

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Final Countdown to ISO 41001: Malaysia Update

In the last week of September, the final plenary meeting was held in the countdown to ISO 41001.  ISO 41001 is shortly to become the world’s first international management systems standard for Facilities Management (FM). The new ISO standards are a response to the...

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Risk Aversion: Barrier to and Driver of Smart FM

This article argues that the inherent risk aversion of the Facilities Management (FM) profession, which to-date has been a barrier to the adoption of smart FM technologies, in 2017-18 is becoming one driver of a sea change. The Smart Revolution: so what's the holdup?...

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Cultural Awareness in International Facilities Management

Why is cultural awareness important? In mature markets, a one-size-fits-all approach to Facilities Management can lead to frustrations and inefficiencies.  In developing markets with a different cultural context, it’s often a deal breaker.  This article explores some...

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How IoT and the Cloud will Transform FM in 2017

The combination of smart technologies and proven methodology are pillars of KEY’s True FM philosophy, and underscore the future of FM. Why is technology not central to every FM solution now?  Technologies with the potential to transform global FM have been around for...

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An update from the CEO on the new ISO global standards for FM

The vision of Facilities Management (FM) embodied in the new ISO FM Standards, and ISO 41001,  is set to transform the operations of businesses and organisations worldwide.  It represents a genuine win-win for providers, organisations and end-customers. We have...

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Profile of Senior Key Consultant, Stewart Lackie

Senior Key consultant, Stewart Lackie. We‘ve dropped in on one of our senior team, Stewart Lackie, at his base in a beautiful coastal village overlooking the Moray Firth – both an idyllic spot and perfectly located for Key’s ambitions to become the True Facilities...

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